Who we are

We are two weavers working on the remote island of Fetlar in the Shetland Islands to handcraft beautiful, handmade fleeces and local wool into unique designs.


Artist, spinner, weaver and crofter

I was born in County Durham. In 2010, my husband and I moved to a croft in Fetlar, a beautiful island north of mainland Shetland. This is the perfect place for me to be creative! I am inspired by the natural wild beauty and native wildlife of this remote and far away region of the world.


Master weaver and textile designer

I have always loved textiles and my mother taught me how to knit almost as soon as I learned how to walk. I earned a Master Weaver diploma in the UK and love to design and create original pieces of wearable art. The incredible natural beauty of Shetland is a continual source of inspiration for my work.

Our ethos

We strongly believe in supporting the use of fleece that has been shorn from sheep and other animals using humane methods. Our designs and creations focus on highlighting the beauty of natural fibers.

1.Joanneā€™s wool is lovingly gathered from sheep raised on the island of Fetlar
2.Each sheep is hand-sheared, selected for its natural wool color.
3.The wool is spun into yarn before it is made into crafts and textiles.

Our work is produced from sustainable fibers harvested from animals treated in the most humane way.

Our work

We make wearable textiles and unique, handcrafted memorabilia.


The wool I prefer to use comes from our own flock of Shetland sheep. The welfare of these animals is critically important to me. I prefer to use natural colors in my textiles and the flock that we have produces various shades of brown, cream, grey and even orange, as well as white and black. I do occasionally dye my own wool if required. My raw “oo” (fleece) is handspun, washed and then used for knitting or weaving.


Each one of my creations is made by hand using natural fibers. The process of spinning, weaving and knitting with natural fibers creates a unique piece of wearable art. The use of natural colors and fibers help to make the final product come alive with beautiful texture and comforting shades of warmth.

If you would like to see additional samples of our work, please contact us.

Visit Fetlar Island

Fetlar is one of the most beautiful North Isles of Shetland, Scotland, with a resident population of around 65.

How to get here

By plane and then by ferry from Gutcher on Yell or Belmont on Unst to Hamars Ness on Fetlar.


“Garden of Shetland”

Fetlar is known as the “Garden of Shetland” due to it being by far the greenest of all the islands.


Flora and fauna

Unique birds and wildflowers are observed in the wild or at the Fetlar Interpretive Centre.


Contact us

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